Gerandium is born from a personal movement, from generating a change in my professional life to find again the feeling of satisfaction, of fulfilling a purpose and feeling balanced. It's a change that started but has no end.

The name combines two words: Geranium, the flower, and Gerando, the verb generating in Portuguese, my mother tongue.

And what does that have to do with work psychology and career mentoring? Actually, nothing 🤷🏻 ♀️.

But in my world, it makes all the sense. I'll tell you:

Geranium is a flower that I love and that has a very personal meaning for me. I see her so pretty and colorful on the balconies of the houses and in pots in the streets.

It is a flower that requires little care (or so they say). For me, it's not like that. It has always been an odyssey to grow a geranium for more than a spring. Instead, the balconies of the neighbors are full of them, so beautiful and colorful. I wondered: what do I do (or don't do) so that my geraniums don't bloom this beautiful?

My flowerless geranium was like my job for a while: very nice and colorful at first but I immediately looked at it and I was mustio and I couldn't make it grow and reborn. I couldn't find a way to feel better, alive and with energy again.

I started talking to people and stories were repeated: "I'm not well with my job, I don't like what I do, I feel stressed, I don't have time for me, I'm exhausted, I don't know what to do…"

I am a Psychologist, specializing in Organizational and Work Psychology, I already knew that I needed to take more and better care of my life that includes, of course, my professional career. But what hadn't fallen before is that it's not worth simply changing jobs or careers and that's it. I realized it has to be continuous care but it doesn't have to be complicated. And I think of my geranium, who needs special care and attention, but it's really not complicated or impossible. Todxs we can have some beautiful geraniums in our lives. And we have the right to have a healthy professional activity, with purpose and satisfaction. It takes a good soil, with the right nutrients and the right amount of fertilizer, water and light.

It was up to me. To act. To generate a change of care. For my geranium was to change place, with more light, put more fertilizer, the right amount of water and sometimes you have to prune what has already been seced and is sucking the nutrient that the flower needed to keep growing. And at work, then, I'd say the same thing, wouldn't I?

And so my Gerandium was born, which is a new look at the world of work, which can and must be more fluid and balanced. It is the movement of a dream to help professionals who seek to re-signify their professional identity and express their productive strength in a more coherent, creative and fluid way, incorporating a more positive interpretation of their skills and values.

Through Gerandium, I present myself as a channel of co-creation and collaboration so that you find the tools that will help you manifest your work potentials, in a way that cultivates a happy, healthy and balanced career, threshing the path of professional realization.

As a result, you'll be able to expand your visions of yourself and the opportunities around you.

It's an ongoing process, it's starting, but it's endless. Life, the world, we are on the move. I generated my change, found a fertile land, my light and water in correct amounts. I do what I love, I put care and affection on it every day. It's going to grow and bloom. Just like my geranium.

I generated my change. And I keep generating.

And you… what do you generate?